Create a Surprising Natural Getaway Right in Your Home with Faux Finish Wallpapers

Faux wallpapers are a growing trend that has become an extremely popular way to transform your spaces with the look of natural materials and finishes. They are available in a range of styles including faux brick, wood, fabric, tile, and animal skins. With new wallpaper technologies, these wallpapers have the most genuine look that can without doubt deceive your perception and are easy to install and remove.




Historic Brick Faux Finish Wallpaper Mural M8994


Faux stone and brick wallpapers are an easy way to add an industrial rugged appearance to your home. They can help add an architectural element to a bland space that lacks a strong feature. Brick can give you the classic charm of an old building infusing a vivid narrative and sense of history into your space.


Concrete Band Faux Finish Wallpaper Mural M8947


Concrete can provide a striking feature with its harsh modern aesthetic. Its colouration and detail add a shocking depth to your wall.




Bistre Lumber Faux Wood Wallpaper R2347


Faux wood wallpaper or faux bois, French for "false wood", is one of the most popular faux finish wallpaper styles. It can bring the perfect touch of nature adding warmth and coziness to any space. There are a vast range of faux wood styles including traditional wood plank looks, highly contemporary murals, and coloured wood styles. Planked faux wood wallpaper can give you a barn wood effect creating a rustic cottage vibe.


Stumps Faux Wood Digital Wallpaper Mural M8923


For a bold wood look, a mural is a good option with its intense texture and unique wooden patterns such as tree stumps.




Caramel Fawn Faux Deer Skin Wallpaper R2340


New animal fur textured wallpapers are another contemporary way to add a faux element to your space. Faux animal furs create a rustic country vibe bringing a casual element to your interiors.




Hang red Faux Silk Wallpaper R1126


Fabric hung from the walls can make a dramatic statement and offers a calm, warm, and regal aura in a living room or bedroom. Its soft flowing lines and silk look will help create an elegant space.



Faux Leather Wallpaper Mural M8920


For a more casual and powerful faux fabric wallpaper, a leather texture works well. With harsher angles and an allover luster it will act as a grand feature when paired with simple furnishings and fixtures.




Faux Tile Wallpaper


Faux tile wallpaper is ideal for adding the rich look of tiles without the fuss and expensive of installing real times. This wallpaper looks so realistic, it is not until you touch it that you realize it's not tile!



Faux Tile Wallpaper

With a luminescent sheen and high quality digital detail you are really able to convey all the qualities of real tile. They are available in many patterns ranging from traditional geometrics to Spanish inspired looks with rich colour and detail.


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