Contemporary Wallpapers vs Classic Wallpapers

What is contemporary wallpaper? It is a common question that arises when searching for cool contemporary wallpaper designs to show-off in a living room, a bedroom, or even a bathroom. This blog will equip you with the keen-eye that you need to help you distinguish the difference between classic wallpaper and contemporary wallpaper designs. Trying to figure out what exactly in the world "contemporary " means in home design these days might be a contending task with centuries-worth of wallpaper styles out on the market. We're here to help you out!





Elegant classic florals that are timeless and traditional


Classic wallpapers consist of styles that are very traditional and reference the ornamental designs of wallpaper during the Renaissance. They include elegant patterns such as florals, damasks, and stripes that have stood the test of time and are still used today. If you're looking to kick it old school then this wallpaper style is the perfect fit for your living rooms or bedrooms.


This contemporary floral wallpaper has 3 dimensional and realistic details as opposed to the flatness of classic floral wallpaper.


So What Does Contemporary Wallpaper Mean?

Contemporary wallpaper simply means "today". They are wallpaper designs that are up-to-date with the trends that are, you could say, "in the now". Here's the twist: the idea of the contemporary wallpaper trend translates and transforms traditional wallpapers with distinct idiosyncrasies to separate them from the rest. The difference between classic wallpaper and contemporary wallpaper designs is the aesthetic modifications that have been made to push these classic styles to fit the trends of the new and current era.




If you're looking to create contemporary living rooms, we laid out the contemporary wallpaper trends that are fun, fresh, and current. Here's a quick compare and contrast of classic wallpaper styles and how they have been transformed today.


1. Textured Contemporary Wallpapers


Cold Concrete Wallpaper Mural M9216


One of the biggest contemporary wallpaper trends out there is textured wallpaper. Everyone seems to be going rustic-chic and we're not complaining. You can create naturally warm interiors that give off the feeling of truly lived-in spaces. The finish of a rough, weathered, and aged material is a design must for all interior designers today.


Picket Faux Wood Wallpaper Mural M8996


Metal Trellis Wallpaper Mural M8968


2. Neutral Toned Contemporary Wallpapers


Ivory Hexagonal Wallpaper R2254


In juxtaposition with aged and weathered wallpaper finishes, neutral solid wallpaper is a contemporary wallpaper trend that fits into the clean minimalist craze adored by almost every designer. The pairing of a plain creamy white or a sleek black with a rustic peeling wood creates amazing material contrast and character that can heighten your "design-ey senses". Solid coloured wallpapers don't have to be confined to black and white. With Pantone's gradient pastel blend for their colour of the year, super soft pastel wallpapers are in for 2016!


3. Fine Art Contemporary Wallpapers


Blue Iris Flowers R2792 from Van Gogh's famous oil painting tilted "Irises"


Fine art itself is a classic and traditional subject but as wallpaper it slides itself onto our list of top designer contemporary wallpaper ideas. It is the appropriation of famous art works from the past into completely revolutionizing wallpaper finishes for everyday homes that sets this contemporary wallpaper design apart from those before it. Floral wallpaper has never been more fascinating! Every bit of brush stroke detail can help reflect the love and care you put into your home.


Dive into the famous painting "The Pink Peach Tree" by Vincent Van Gogh with this calming pastel blue version (R2797)


Red Iris Flowers R2793


4. Contemporary Bohemian Wallpapers


Grey Tinted Wallpaper R3309


Bohemian wallpaper is a contemporary wallpaper idea that is blowing up the scene in 2016. The soft and serene effects on this delicately dyed wallpaper design are great for calming and balanced homes, especially for creating relaxing bedrooms or living rooms. Contemporary bohemian wallpapers are absolutely gorgeous and we just love how they shake up the weathered wallpaper trend. This spin off of classic wallpaper patterns such as a stripe with new freely featured edges is a great way to create captivating contemporary home designs.


Swirling aztec geometric patterned wallpaper with textured edges


For a vintage contemporary look, try this folded dye irregular grid patterned wallpaper!


5. Contemporary Geometric Wallpapers


Coral Lattice Wallpaper R2551


We couldn't go without adding this staple contemporary wallpaper trend to our list. Geometric wallpapers are still going strong int he design world so don't count them out just yet. When you hear mention of contemporary wallpaper designs, geometric wallpaper is probably one of the design ideas that come to mind. Geometric wallpaper remains timeless and true.


Powder Blue Hexagonal R2251


White Silver Delusional Geometries R2917


Flat geometric wallpaper vs 3D wallpaper

Clean lined lattice prints and tessellated triangles are among the popular contemporary wallpaper patterns for 2016. 3D geometric wallpapers are also growing in popularity in 2016 for its jump into new wallpaper technologies that add depth and dimension different from typical geometric wallpapers.

It's always tricky spotting the difference between contemporary and classic. Here's a fun way to test your knowledge and get you familiar with the latest contemporary wallpaper design trends.



Until next time, stay inspired and happy wallpapering!


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