Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper That Will Grow With Your Child

Choosing wallpaper for a child's space can be challenging with the varying opinions and perspectives that exist about gendered design and design for children. You can choose to go the traditional way and choose wallpapers that are gendered or have classic kid's motifs (cars, animals, cartoons etc.) or you can get more explorative and creative by choosing wallpaper with more layered, distinctive schemes that both you and your child will love to see and engage with on a daily basis. These unconventional children's wallpapers will have a longer lifespan in your interiors lasting your children far longer than the typical styles.

However, if you are still convinced to go the traditional way with typical motifs Walls Republic has plenty of options for you that are easy to remove when it is time for an update made possible by our advanced paste the wall technology. This new advanced technology allows you to easily peel off wallpaper in a tug without mess or tools. Colour, pattern, and style are just a few of the overall decisions and choices you will need to make when selecting the perfect wallpaper for your child.



HEXAGONAL geometric kid's wallpaper by Walls Republic


Children's spaces don't need to be decked out in vibrant colours, the basic primaries (red, yellow, blue), or the typical pink and blue gender generalizations to be engaging for children. Unique non-primaries and complex colour combinations can actually be more engaging and stimulating for a child than the basic simple colours they typically see in toys and other learning tools.

Neutral tones with intriguing layered patterns can also be a great option for children as other colour stimulation can come from some of the smaller details and accessories. This will make the entire scheme easier to update as tastes shift or a refreshing update is desired. Varying degrees of colour and sheen can be played with to create the perfect scheme, too much overall colour can be over stimulating so choose the elements you would most like to enhance with colour and let the rest harmonize within the scheme in more neutral tones.



CLUSTER geometric kid's wallpaper by Walls Republic


Abstract or paired down patterns can have a higher aspect of imagination and creativity when children are forced to make their own creative decisions on what the patterns represent and symbolize. This cluster pattern for instance, can evoke many different objects and themes. The geometries and orbital forms bring an outerspace vibe, while also suggesting a floral pattern or mathematical theme.

These abstracted forms bring more intrigue and open-endedness than the typical animal or floral print leaving more room for interpretation, imagination, and the construction of your own stories. The primary colours this wallpaper is available in is a little less saturated than the traditional primaries making the bold colour less harsh and in cream and gold it has a more sophisticated playfulness for a less bold scheme.




DWELL traditional children's bird wallpaper by Walls Republic


Updated traditional patterns can also have a longer lifespan in children's spaces as a feature wall or around all walls in the space. The traditional bird imagery can relate well to children while also being soft and calming and a style you can live with in any room of your home. In a range of light muted colours this Dwell wallpaper will really give you the chance to play around with your overall scheme in many different ways as your child grows with the space.


HOMEY Children's Striped Wallpaper by Walls Republic

Homey leans more towards a classic kids wallpaper however, is still non-objective and simplistic with a unique geometric striped pattern. This keeps the wallpaper simple and engaging making the wallpaper easier to update over a lengthened period of time while still feeling child-like and suitable for both children & teens. In a wide range of colours there are so many ways to work this wallpaper into your individual design schemes.

If you're looking to update or design a space for your child think outside of the typical generalizations the results will make both you and your child excited and absorbed saving you cost in the long run while providing a more sophisticated scheme to fuel your child's imagination.


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