Can commercial wallpapers represent your brand?

We all know that the exteriors and the interiors of your company can give a very good and lasting first impression? 

Your interiors is the one who greets your clients, employees and guests to your office and you have to make sure you are giving out the best and long lasting first impression. 

Sea Glass Cracked Wall Vinyl Commercial Wallpaper C7623

The first thing that you have to consider before thinking about the fixtures and the furnitures is the walls of your office and establishment and that commercial wallpapers are the best option. 

So why is it helpful?

Not like the regular or traditional residential wallpapers, this type of wall coverings is built to last for ages and very durable. They can easily be installed and holds up on areas where many people are lurking on your space. 

If your office space are all worn out on the walls with bangs and dents, this is your best choice because it will surely protect your walls and it will definitely cover them. 

This is just one of the many benefits. 

Volcanic Ash Linen Textured Vinyl Wallpaper C7612

Company Branding

Branding builds trust and all companies have brands that gives an impression and will differentiate them among their competitors. 

Wall coverings allows you to get custom design for your office or space. When choosing one, you should go for colors and palette based on your branding and logo or even the slogan related to your brand. 

These types of wallpapers can be murals, fabric, grass cloth and vinyl. 

Sage Fabric Like Textured Vinyl Commercial Wallpaper C7604


These are custom made murals. It can be abstract, tropical, botanical or floral. These types of wall covering can represent your brand in so many ways because these types of murals have different designs that matches your brand. 


Many kinds of clothing are used in making fabric wallpapers, which give them a textured, lush appeal. They can be suited to fit the exterior and interior of your company and bring an elegant look to your area.

Grass Cloth

Reeds, jute, and grasses are some of the organic fibers used to produce grass cloth wallpaper. They seems primitive and textured, that renders them suitable to provide a warm and welcoming mood. Your brand might convey a natural and environmentally sensitive image with these wallpapers.


Vinyl wallpapers are ideal for areas with frequent use or spots that need regular care while they are durable and straightforward to clean. They can be bought in an array of finishes and formats, so you may select one that maintains the appearance of your room and fits in with the principles of your company's identity.

Alloy Faux Effect Vinyl Commercial Wallpaper C7596

How can walls republic help you in choosing the best commercial wall coverings?

We have clients from all walks of industries such as hospitality, malls, small-medium enterprises, restaurants, clinics and etc. 

We have commendable track record of providing top notch wall coverings on businesses and these are our take aways based off on our experience:

  • Boosts Employees Productivity

There have been some commercial projects from our clients and they said that there is a significant increase in the productivity of their employees as they are more comfortable and they feel more settled. 

Tidal Flats Wine Plain Vinyl Wallpaper C7588

  • More Customers and Sales

When customers come to your physical location/office building. They are greeted with a nice reception. It adds value to any product/service you are selling as it establishes professionalism. 

Saddle Leather Like Vinyl Commercial Wallpaper C7584

Our customer service is available to assist you in choosing the right commercial wallpaper for your business and if you are an interior designer, you can always join our Trade Partners Program to take advantage of the benefits and discounts Walls Republic can offer. 


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