Bring the Summer Indoors with Walls Republic's Xanadu Collection

It's time to update your home with some summer-inspired interior design as the temperature increases and the sun shines more intensely. The Xanadu Collection from Walls Republic has what you need to add a splash of color, a tropical feel, or a beachy ambiance.

Utilizing tropical prints is one of the simplest ways to infuse your home with the spirit of summer. Beautiful wallpaper like "White Tropical Birds Bold Tropical Wallpaper R8285" can make a statement wall in your living room or bedroom.


This striking wallpaper brings the brightness of the tropics into your house with a colorful assortment of tropical birds resting on palm fronds.

Pair the wallpaper with neutral furniture and decorations to counteract its boldness. A rattan coffee table, a beige or white sofa, and some green plants can all enhance the wallpaper without competing with it. With these elements combined, you may create the ideal setting for summertime gatherings, reading, and relaxation.

Soft pastels can produce a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere if you want a more understated approach to summer-inspired interior design. For those who want to add some color without going overboard, the "Sage Brushstroke Swirl Geometric Wallpaper R8267" is a fantastic option.


This wallpaper has a calm, classy appearance because to its soft mint green color and geometric pattern. Pair the wallpaper with white decorations and furnishings to finish the look. A light and summery atmosphere can be created with a white linen sofa, a circular white coffee table, and some floral cushions. After a hard day, this combination produces a setting that is ideal for relaxing and unwinding.

Why not combine different patterns if you're brave and daring? Your dining area or kitchen would benefit greatly from having a feature wall decorated with either the "Navy Jungle Foliage Tropical Wallpaper R8262" or the "Navy Ochre Blissful Lake Nature Wallpaper R8278." The flower designs on these wallpapers are striking and vibrant, making a statement in any room.

Pair the patterns with accents and furnishings in solid colors to balance them out. The wallpaper can be complemented without being overpowered by a modest vase of flowers, a white or wooden dining table, and some neutral-colored chairs. This combination produces a setting ideal for hosting family get-togethers or summer dinner parties.

Try adding coastal colors into your design to give it a beachy feel. Both the "Soft Blue Trailing Vines Floral Wallpaper R8255" and the "Blue Paisley All Over Tropical Wallpaper R8259" are ideal for designing a tranquil and peaceful space. These wallpapers have supple, delicate watercolor designs that may give any area a beachy feel.


Pair the wallpaper with white decorations and furnishings to finish the look. A beachy and peaceful bedroom can be made with a white or light wood bed, some cushions with seaside themes, and some seashell ornaments.

The result is a room that is ideal for resting, dreaming, and soaking up the summer air.

Try using bold colors in your decor if you want to create a statement. Both the "Ochre Vintage inspired Hidden Jungle Wallpaper R8272" and the "Burnt Orange Forest Landscape Tropical Wallpaper R8280" are excellent choices for bringing a splash of color into your room. These wallpapers have vibrant, vivid flower patterns that can inject life and energy into any space.

Pair the wallpaper with neutral furniture and decorations to counteract its boldness. A modern and stylish living room can be created with a beige or white sofa, a wooden coffee table, and some black and white cushions.


The result is an area that is ideal for hosting, mingling, and having fun. You can easily design a place with a summery feel with these innovative ideas and Walls Republic's Xanadu Collection.

The collection offers a wide range of wallpaper alternatives, from vibrant and eye-catching to subdued and sophisticated. And it's never been easier with simple-to-install wallpapers.


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