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All About Wallpaper In A Living Room

Posted on October 17 2017

All  About Wallpaper In A Living Room

Tackling a large project requires a lot of help and that’s where we come in! In this guide, we’ll lay out some tips and tricks for designing your living room!


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Designing your living room

The general definition of a “living room” hasn’t changed much throughout the years – it’s first and foremost a communal area that’s used by people in the household, whether that’s one person or ten. When you invite guests over, chances are you’ll spend time in the living room.

In designing your living room, it’s important to keep this idea of a shared space in mind. It can help determine the type of space you want to create.

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Questions to ask yourself before wallpapering a living room

What is the space like?

Before you throw up any wallpaper pattern, consider your space carefully. A living room may be connected to other areas of the home, such as the dining room or a small den. In a small apartment or condo, the living room may also double as a bedroom or work area. Take a look at the image below for example of mixed space usage.



If your living room is more open or connected to another space, this may dictate the general design elements. For instance, you may want to continue the color palette from the dining room into your living room.


What is currently in your living room?

When designing the walls of your living room, keep in mind what is already in the space. Some furniture or décor items that your living room might already have include:

  • Seating: sofa, armchairs
  • Tables: coffee table, side table
  • Storage units: drawers, cabinets, baskets
  • Media furniture: TV stand, shelves
  • Décor: plants, artwork, mirror, carpets, blankets, small pillows
  • Lighting: floor lamp, table lamps, ceiling lights
  • Built-in items: Furnace, fireplace

Because of its sheer size, the walls are often one of the first noticeable features of a room, especially if they have wallpaper on. Think about how the wall design will interact with the furniture – will they clash? Will it pair well with your key furniture/décor items? Are you willing to switch some furniture items around if it doesn’t go well with your walls? All of these questions are important to consider.

In general, neutral colors work well with many other color schemes. If your intension is to keep your furniture and décor items as is, consider choosing black, white, grey, or beige wallpaper.


Who uses the living room?

Wallpapers come in a variety of different materials, some of which can be slightly more fragile or harder to clean than others. If children as well as adults will use the living room, you’ll want to look for wallpaper that is fully scrubbable and washable. If it’s primarily adults using the living room or you don’t anticipate any large clean-up jobs will be needed, grasscloth and glass beaded wallpaper are perfectly fine.


Classic Ornamental Geometric Luxury Bronze Pixelated Medallion Wallpaper R3786


Feature wall or all walls?

It’s up to you whether you want to create a feature wall in your living room or wallpaper all four walls. However, some wallpapers lend themselves better to one or the other. For example, wallpaper murals are generally used in small doses, such as the Brick Heart M9213 image above. On the other hand, your wallpaper choice may feature abstract patterns that wouldn’t look really interesting as a single wall. To learn more about how to create a feature wall, check out our past article, What You Need To Know About Wallpapering Feature Walls.

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Setting the mood with living room wallpaper

Kitchens, dining rooms, dens, playrooms, and living rooms – these represent communal spaces that are often shared among many people in a household. With that said, certain colors help promote a sense of welcoming and invitation, while other colors can make a room feel more warm and cozy.


Red Embellished M8829


Color can dramatically change the mood in a room. Blue offers a sense of relaxation, while red makes the space feel more energetic and emotional. Orange conveys a sense of quirkiness and creativity, whereas green is fresh and organic.

As mentioned above, sometimes your wallpaper color choices will depend on the living room’s current furniture and décor set-up. While it may seem tempting to choose the most dramatic, bold, or vivid color that catches your eye, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting a neutral-colored wallpaper, especially if it fits your current living room design theme.

In terms of wallpaper patterns, think about your living space. A small space may benefit from wallpaper that feature linear or horizontal patterns since these can create the illusion of taller or wider walls. Large-scale patterns would work best on larger walls as well.

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Inspiration for your own living room

After thinking about your living room space, what’s in it, and how it’s being used, let’s move on and get some inspiration! The following wallpaper and wallpaper murals are some of our favorites. Below each image, you’ll find some quick facts about the design:

Mood/character: What kind of mood or character does the wallpaper convey?

Usage: Would this wallpaper be a suitable choice for a feature wall or used for all walls in a room?

Style: The type of wallpaper style that is shown in the example


Ochre Peeled M8924


Mood/character: Rustic, contemporary, tactile, creative

Usage: Feature wall

Style: Faux finish wallpaper mural

To start off our list, let’s take a look at one of the most popular styles this year: faux finish! This isn’t just any regular wallpaper but a wallpaper mural. The image on a wallpaper mural is customizable to your wall dimensions so you’ll always get a perfect fit. What we love best about Ochre Peeled are the bright orange accents – perfect for pairing with other orange décor items (like in the image above). Another feature that stands out is the 3D effect of the “peeled” wood. It adds a lot of depth to the image.


Sisal Natural Sand Grasscloth R1968 and Duo sisal Bronze Grasscloth R1995


Mood/character: Relaxing, fresh, classy, organic

Usage: All walls

Style: Grasscloth wallpaper

With grasscloth wallpaper, we encourage you to be creative! Mix and match different patterns to create a look that is totally unique to your home. In the image above, two different grasscloth wallpaper patterns are used: Sisal Natural Sand and Duo Sisal Bronze. What we love about this combination is how earthy it looks. It has a very natural appearance (which definitely reflects the eco-friendly materials the wallpapers are made of). For more on mixing and matching different wallpaper patterns, click here!


Textured Modern Taupe and Ivory Eclipse Wallpaper R4055


Mood/character: Playful, engaging, unique, happy

Usage: All walls

Style: Geometric wallpaper

A unique geometric pattern is this Eclipse wallpaper. The colours are subtle, but extremely versatile – you can pair almost any furniture item with it. In the image above, the sofa’s pale teal color works with the taupe/ivory wallpaper to create a vintage look that is relaxing and inviting. The color scheme is reminiscent of a beach and the natural light interacts perfectly with this wallpaper pattern.


Auckland at Night M9139


Mood/character: Modern, artistic, trendy, original

Usage: Feature wall

Style: Urban wallpaper mural

This mural featuring Auckland’s skyline gives any room an ultra modern look. Putting up a wallpaper mural is like hanging art – it makes a huge statement and your eyes tend to gravitate towards it. What we love most about black and white murals is how iconic it is. It’s an aesthetic that fits any room, regardless of your current furniture/décor set-up. If you’re finding a hard time trying to find a wallpaper color that fits your current living room color scheme, black and white is the way to go!


Traditional Grand Floral Damask Beige and Yellow Wallpaper R4158


Mood/character: Elegant, traditional, classy, regal

Usage: All four walls

Style: Damask wallpaper

For a sophisticated look that will make your living room look absolutely stunning, this golden damask wallpaper pattern is absolutely stunning. Reminiscent of classic Victorian floral motifs, Grand Floral Damask is a design that works well in a room with a lot of natural light. The deep golden pattern contrasts perfectly with the lighter beige background, creating a subtle elegance that flows throughout the room.


Transitional Metallic Black and Copper Overleaf Wallpaper R4007


Mood/character: Cozy, warm, creative

Usage: All four walls, feature wall

Style: Transitional floral wallpaper

Don’t be afraid to use dark colors in your living room! This metallic wallpaper featuring eye-catching copper leaves creates a distinct atmosphere that is much different than any of the previous examples. Here, the mood is much more mysterious and imaginative, but it still works as a living room, particularly if you’re looking to create an upscale aesthetic.

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While planning and decorating a living room can be a lot of work, it should also be fun. Be sure to inject your personality into your design projects so that when it’s all finished, you’re 100% happy with the finished product!

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