6 Designer Wallpapers for Minimalist Living Room in 2021


Minimalist Interior is the top home owner’s inspiration and Interior Designer’s choice this 2021. More and more people are turning to more clear spaces now. Plain and minimalist wallpaper design are becoming more desirable for décor enthusiast, in fact the concept of minimalist is the more functional choice this year.

So we’re delighted to introduce the modernist frenzy that has been trending on the face of major design magazines and social media. We’ve decided to share this minimal list of minimalist inspiration to get your brainstorming. Get started on a new path to a balanced and enlightened living room with the help of some expressive wallpaper.




                                  Black Tri-Hexagonal Wallpaper R6394

There’s so much meaning in monochrome and we love the trend in an edgy solid black scheme in this feature wall. The subtle black stripe wallpaper adds complex character and tonal value from its embossed lines.

This contemporary style living black wallpaper uses textured lines paired with an excellent use of light and shadow to form hexagonal shapes that seem to pop off the wall in groups of three. The modern minimalist style and monochromatic color of this geometric wallpaper creates a sophisticated illusion that is sure to make an impact in your home project.




Teal Faux Metallic Grass Cloth Wallpaper R6631


Metallic grasscloth with heavily textured details is a minimalist must for 2021 living rooms. We love the pairing of the wallpaper's luxurious teal color yet modern texture with the clean marble floors. The allusion to richness and simplicity in this pairing plays perfecting into the modernist manifesto.

Teal Faux Metallic Grass Cloth Wallpaper uses a paneled effect to create a faux grasscloth design. The strands of metallic are woven into the design to give a sophisticated boost to this contemporary style living wallpaper.

Material such as grasscloth simply cannot go out of style. Grasscloth wallpaper is known for its warmth you'd expect from fabrics and introduces more texture than other wallpaper substrates giving off a natural effect to any interior space. Fashionable yet earthly, this wallpaper pattern appeals to those who has unique and eclectic decorating style.




Navy Blue Textured Faux Metallic Concrete Wallpaper R6584


Structure and form is an important factor for formulating minimalist living room spaces. This textured concrete values the idea of “real and raw”. The weathered details of this concrete minimalist wallpaper express an undeniable urban flair that will grab anyone’s attention.

Textured Faux Metallic Concrete Wallpaper particularly uses layered navy blue color and texture to create a realistic concrete wall. Splashes of textures give this pattern a contemporary edge, making this a great stair case and master bedroom wallpaper design choice for 2021.




Navy Mini Metallic Planks Wallpaper R6474


If you haven’t noticed by now we’re a big fan of neutral wallpaper such as grey for the minimalist living room wallpaper trend. In fact grey specifically illuminating grey has been the Pantone Color of the Year for 2021.  This wallpaper color is the trendsetting interior direction for this year. During this trying times, your choice of home décor is extremely important. We want to feel relaxed as soon as we walk through our home. Grey wallpaper is a color that is utterly calming and peaceful.

This Navy Mini Metallic Planks Wallpaper has a soft smooth surface reminiscent of textured wood will wisp away your worries and create a calming minimalist living room. Inspired by wooden planks, this simple yet sophisticated design uses shimmering metallic lines to create thin stripes. Brush strokes form a weathered effect that gives this wallpaper a faux, unfinished look.




Rusty Metal Panels Wallpaper R6730


You would never believe it if we told you that this minimalist wallpaper was a real work of art. The subtle coloring the wallpaper highlights the important details in limited line work that we guarantee will make all the difference in your minimal living space.

Rusty Metal Panels is a contemporary faux wallpaper featuring a large square panelled metal design. The layered color of this brown wallpaper gives a weathered effect while an overall metallic sheen creates a realistic metal look, making it a sophisticated choice for a kitchen wallpaper.




White Broken Pieces Abstract Wallpaper R6304

Here’s a solution for those who love the traditional extravagance of wallpaper but are torn between the 2021 trends. You can still express your favourite patterns, like abstract, large scale damasks and geometric in your living room by trying them out in white. You’ll be amazed by the lovely effects of white wallpaper and its embossed pattern as it basks in the glorious sunlight.

This elegant White Broken Pieces Abstract Wallpaper features a matte cracked and shattered aesthetic with a smaller metallic pattern hidden underneath. A weathered effect is applied across the wallpaper for additional depth making it the most subtle and sophisticated choice for your minimalist living room or bedroom. 


Black Realistic Faux Brick Wallpaper R6654


Minimalism is carefully complex but there is beauty in its simplicity. We hope that we have inspired you to keep your living rooms looking clean, cool, and clutter-free with our masterful make-up of minimalist wallpapers for your living room like this contemporary faux brick wallpaper above in a weathered effect and excellent use of light and shadows to create a highly realistic brick pattern.

Texture is applied throughout the design of Black Realistic Faux Brick Wallpaper, making this a great cozy living room wallpaper.

You can find out more about the top living room wallpaper trends of 2021 from our previous blog here: click!


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