4 Ways To Use WALLS IQ Dry Erase Wallcoverings

When most people think about dry erase wallcoverings and its usage, their minds usually default to corporate/business and educational settings. However, dry erase wallcoverings are surprisingly versatile, not just in how they're used, but also where they're used. In this article, let's look at 4 surprising ways to use WALLS IQ dry erase wallcoverings! For each dry erase wallcovering use, we'll also be pairing it up with a faux effect wallpaper in order to create the most stylish look for your space!


#1. Create a Polaroid Photo Montage On Your Dry Erase Wallcovering


WALLS IQ Dry Erase Magnetic Wallcovering

With a special magnetic backing, you can create your own Polaroid photo montage by sticking the photos up with magnets. You can get really creative as well, creating weekly or monthly boards that reflect your personality. For example, if you've just gotten back from a vacation in Paris, use the dry erase wallcovering to create a montage of the best photos you took during your trip!

Even though the wallcovering has a magnetic backing, it still offers the same writable surface as other dry erase so use that to your advantage. Complete your photo board's look with quotes, doodles, and other writing to truly make it your own!



Faux Wood Weathered Herringbone Wallpaper White and Grey Brown R4664

Since the photo board is going to be the center of attention, we're going with this herringbone faux wood wallpaper. It adds a stunning, real life look with its photorealistic rendering of wood materials, but it's also minimalist in its design approach and doesn't take too much attention away from the dry erase. The neutral colors add an authenticity and the light beige and brown really pairs well with other colors.


#2. DIY Projects With Dry Erase Clear Paint

WALLS IQ Dry Erase Clear Paint Solution 50 sq. Ft. can

One unique dry erase wallcovering product is our clear paint solution. Each can covers a certain amount of space, making it perfect for those who don’t want to be restricted by using pre-sized panels. DIY projects using dry erase clear paint can definitely help "upcycle" older furniture items that look a bit worn down, but perhaps you aren't ready to throw it away just yet. Give them a new lease on life with some dry erase paint!

On items like tables, adding dry erase can be a great way to add a unique functionality to the furniture. If you need to jot down a quick note or you're playing a tabletop game that requires keeping track of the ever changing score, using dry erase paint can dramatically change the use of the table.


Vintage Faux Wood Wallpaper Light Blue and Orange R4785

Since the dry erase wallcovering product is used on a furniture item instead of the walls, consider going with a more creative faux effect wallpaper to add an on-trend look to the space. This is another wood wallpaper, but it has a totally different aesthetic than the previous one. With a more vintage flair, this faux wood wallpaper has a rustic appeal with a visual design that mimics aged wood and peeling paint. The vibrant colors add a quirkiness to the weathered design that just completes the overall look.


#3. The Perfect Backdrop For Entertainment


WALLS IQ Dry Erase Projection Wallcovering

Whether you're hosting movie night or game night, having a large scale dry erase wall can work wonders. Our WALLS IQ dry erase projection wallcovering features a low-gloss finish that reduces glare from lighting. If you have a projector, it can definitely be used on this product.

It's much more convenient and less cumbersome than installing a pull-down screen, especially since the fabric used on these pull-down screens can get yellowed or see discoloration over time. With a low-gloss dry erase wallcover, the colors of the movie or video game you're projecting on screen remain crisp and true.


Grey Running Faux Brick R2588

When the lights go out and the movie starts, all eyes will be on the dry erase wallcovering but that doesn't mean the rest of your space can't be stylish. We've paired the low-gloss dry erase wallcovering with this gray faux brick wallpaper. It has a flatter look than other brick patterns, giving it a more stylized look. We love the simplistic nature of the brick, with its various white and gray shades. It adds a casual mood to the room, creating an on-trend unifying aesthetic.


#4. Bullet Journaling – On Your Walls

WALLS IQ Dry Erase High Gloss Wallcovering

Bullet journaling is a huge trend right now but for those who don't want to buy multiple journals, a dry erase wallcovering is the solution. Our basic dry erase wallcovering is a cost-effective product that's durable and long-lasting.

Sold in panels, you can choose how you want to install them (horizontally or vertically) and how large you want your dry erase surface to be (e.g. buy a few panels and cover a portion of your wall, or transform the entire wall using multiple panels). Put up sticky notes to add color and organize your thoughts, use different dry erase markers – your bullet journal is now a "bullet wall!"


Floral Plaster Wallpaper Beige and White R4791

While most faux effect wallpapers add a more modern look to the space, plaster, marble, and tiles tend to have a more classical appeal. Plaster is an interesting pattern because it has such a highly textured look that it feels like we can reach out and feel the flakes. To heighten the traditional look, we've paired the high-gloss dry erase wallcovering with this beige plaster wallpaper. Its color really emphasizes an "older" or more historical look.


Dry Erase Wallcoverings Are Your Versatile Than You Think!

Now that we think about it, dry erase wallcoverings really can be used for everything! It just depends on how creative you are so let your imagination run wild. Each of the four dry erase wallcovering products has its own unique benefits so find the one that's perfect for you. Were you surprised by any of the uses for dry erase? If you had a wall installed with dry erase wallcoverings, what would you use it for? Let us know in the comments below!


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