3 Ways to Bring Colour into Your Home... with Wallpaper!


Often, homes and living spaces are designed in repetitive beige schemes that lack personality and dynamism. While many are afraid of adding colour to their interiors for fear it will be too overwhelming, bringing in colour will add personality, character, and engagement to any design scheme to create excitement within your spaces. During the winter months, adding vibrant colours can bring light into dreary days and during the warmer months will reinforce the positive aura.



Green Botanist Floral Wallpaper R2950 | Walls Republic


Nature’s colours and patterns can add vibrancy to a space while still feeling natural and non-overwhelming. Making use of these more unconventional tones and colours such as greens and blues on a feature wall can help ease some of the fears of adding colour to a space by creating a bold focal point and allowing other large surfaces to remain neutral and simple. Feature walls are also a huge wallpaper trend allowing one to create a bold statement without a substantial commitment. The Green Botanist pattern has a rejuvenated ambiance with fresh shades of green, rich texture, and illusionistic 3-dimensional depth.


Country Spring Vignette from Design Shuffle

Blue Jeans Striped Wallpaper R2598 | Walls Republic


The Jeans pattern is all the rage with the distressed weathered wallpaper style and vintage aesthetic growing in popularity. It is a great way to add a spring fresh feel to your interiors in a classic striped patterning with contemporary detailing and tonal variations.


Floral Tablescape from Better Decorating Bible


Bold and bright colours can be playful, yet sophisticated from textural wallpaper patterns with rich colour depth to classic tone on tone wallpaper patterns such as the trellis pattern. Deeper hues such as those featured in the Orange Current textural home wallpaper are rich and bold with a more subdued quality for a punch of colour without overwhelming or being too forceful. Energetic tones such as coral make a grand statement and create a fresh look when paired with classic geometric wallpaper patterns.


Orange Current Textural Wave Wallpaper R3065 | Walls Republic

Coral Lattice Geometric Wallpaper R2551 | Walls Republic


Don’t be afraid of bold tones. The effects can be very dramatic and exquisite, bringing you the warmth and character your space has always longed for.


Spring Vignette


Light pastel tones with organic geometries are soft and subtle wallpaper design trends that have an airy and refreshing ambiance. Hand painted wallpaper looks with chalky colour palettes, and damask wallpaper patterns with metallic and glittering details make a dramatic yet refined statement. They play with light to create an unmatched gleam and sense of discovery and dynamism in your interiors. They work well in almost any space and are a great option as bedroom wallpaper or as dining room wallpaper.


Blue Water Lilies Geometric Wallpaper R1717 | Walls Republic

Rose Romance Ornamental Wallpaper R3036 | Walls Republic


Try something different this season and dare to create the interiors you’ve always imagined with designer luxury wallpapers for a space where you will love spending time. 


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