Wallpaper Mural That Give New Perspective

One of the benefits of using a wallpaper mural is that homeowners can get a high-end designer look custom made for their wall. With rich colors that bring the scenery to life, wallpaper murals come in a variety of different imagery and styles. In this article, we’re not just focusing on the imagery, but how it’s portrayed. From a bird’s eye view of the world to one that creates a sense of depth, here are our top picks for wallpaper murals that give you a new perspective!


The Classic Top-Down View

From the busy streets of Thailand to lavender fields, getting a bird’s eye view of the scenery makes us feel as if we’re flying. The captivating sense of escapism is made possible through the mural’s photorealistic rendering. The classic top-down perspective provides a sense of height and can even be used as ceiling wallpaper to create the illusion of verticality or a higher ceiling. Here are some of our favorite wallpaper murals that use an aerial view.


Flying over Thailand M9401

The sheer amount of small details in the digital mural above can never be fully replicated with traditional wallpaper. From the tiny cars sitting in traffic to the intricate detailing of the skyscrapers, Flying Over Thailand is a prime example of the visual power of wallpaper murals. The colors are crisp and rendered beautifully; the white and gray contributes to a feeling of modernity while the greens of the trees and parks really “pop” off the surface. The complex imagery is a feast for the eyes, perfect for those who enjoy the everyday hustle and bustle of the urban lifestyle.


Autumn Winding Road M9403

On the opposite end of cityscapes is something more isolated and rural. This wallpaper mural strikes a careful balance between complex and minimalist. In terms of imagery, there’s not a lot “happening” compared to the busy streets shown before, but there’s still a high degree of detail that sets this wallpaper mural apart from traditional wallpapers. The high-quality rendering of the foliage provides a sense of realism that brings the image to life. The gorgeous colors of the autumn season are on full display, with the burnt oranges, bold reds, and lime greens capturing our complete attention.


Field of Purple M9297

While the wallpaper mural above features a dense field of lavender, it’s hard not to think of this in more abstract terms as an artistic look at lines and color. It’s a very tactile image that has an almost textural aesthetic, one that brings both the look and feel of the image to life. Unlike the previous examples, Field of Purple is a wallpaper mural with a more limited color palette, emphasizing soft purple tones that range from pastel lilac to deeper violets.


Adding Horizontal Depth

If you’re creating a feature wall in your bedroom or living room, certain wallpaper murals can add a sense of depth to your wall. Adding the feeling of horizontal depth is made easy through images that are on the ground level because it makes you feel as if you’re a part of the scenery. Add to this the clever way of portraying certain scenes and you’ve got yourself a 2D surface that appears to stretch into the distance!


San Francisco Chinatown M9086A

The first step on our trip is to San Francisco’s Chinatown. One of the things we love best about this urban wallpaper mural is how it looks down the road and gives us a good sense of depth and distance. There’s a clear division between the foreground and background, whether it’s the line of cars on the right side or the people walking on the sidewalk to the left. It’s also available in black and white and sepia.


Tokyo Street at Night M9145C

Instead of a straight perspective, Tokyo Street at Night takes a more diagonal view that still adds a sense of depth to the walls. With a ground-level perspective, it really feels as if we’re standing in the middle of Tokyo walking along the sidewalk. The sepia color scheme adds a vintage aesthetic to the wallpaper mural, further heightening the nostalgic flair. It’s also available in full color and black and white.


Washington DC Street M9094A

Lastly, let’s take a look at another night-time scene, this time in Washington, DC. With the vibrant glow of the lights, this dark wallpaper mural adds a cozy feel to the space. We’re still getting that ground-eye level and linear look, but this time it’s reinforced with the thick lines on the ground that help our eyes travel from the foreground of the image to the background. This sense of movement adds to the sense of depth of the image, especially since the road takes up two thirds of the wallpaper mural, further increasing the look and feel of horizontal depth.


Getting That Perfect Close-Up

We’ve covered aerial perspectives and ground-level views so the last thing we want to feature is the close-up shot. Getting a closer look can really put familiar objects into a whole new perspective, giving them a more abstract appearance. While wallpaper murals featuring a close-up view doesn’t offer that same sense of scale and scope that an expansive cityscape does, close-up shots do have its own artistic style that makes it perfect for homes and commercial spaces alike.


Mossy Surface M9298

From far away, this may look like a wallpaper mural of a forest but it’s actually a close-up shot of the ground entirely covered in dense moss. The vivid green colors really add that touch of wildlife to the indoor space, imbuing the room with a vibrant, organic energy. With a highly detailed image that couldn’t be replicated with traditional wallpaper, Mossy Surface showcases how taking a new look at things we’re already familiar with can bring about a new appreciate for nature.


Coffee Beans M8956

Speaking about changing our perspectives of everyday objects, this next food-related wallpaper mural does just that, creating artwork out of something we’re sure everyone is familiar with. Similar to the previous wallpaper mural, Coffee Beans is another image that features a simplistic color palette that is by no means “boring.” The rich brown colors add a cozy warmth to the space and we see this particular mural working perfectly in spaces such as the kitchen or dining room. Taking everyday objects and scaling them up on the walls is one way to get a new perspective!


Azure Feathers M9313

Last but definitely not least, Azure Feathers is a wallpaper mural that is both cutting-edge in its design and delicate in its imagery. The intricate details on the soft feathers are utterly fascinating, ranging from the intense blue colors to the individual strands on each feather. All of the close-up wallpaper murals have an artistic abstract aesthetic that makes it suitable for a variety of spaces. It’s a look that captures the imagination of guests and becomes a conversation starter without fail.


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