Home Design Ideas With Grasscloth Wallpaper

Natural and environmentally friendly, grasscloth wallpapers use different types of materials that make it stand out from “regular” wallpaper, both from a visual and physical standpoint.

Available in many colours and patterns, they’re a versatile fit that can dramatically transform the interior, whether it’s for a small powder room or a large bedroom. Here are some grasscloth wallpaper home design ideas featuring some of our new favourite patterns!




Grasscloth that is sophisticated


Zen House Striped Brown and Black Grasscloth Wallpaper R2859


One of the many unique features of grasscloth wallpapers is the inherent randomness of the pattern. Since this type of wallpaper uses natural materials, there will always be slight differences in the design and colour. This makes grasscloth wallpapers the perfect choice for decorators who want their walls to be interesting because every time you look at it, you’ll spot something different!

Zen House is a great example of this. It features thin strips of wood and reed that are knotted at random, giving the grasscloth wallpaper an aesthetic appeal that differs from traditional wallpaper where the pattern is more predictable and uniform. This grasscloth’s black and brown colours would be the perfect choice for a home office for those who want to create a high-end, sophisticated look.

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Grasscloth that is trendy


Retro Cork Brown and Black Wallpaper R2816


For a weathered, textured look, cork wallpaper is the way to go. This is a style that has slowly but surely made its comeback and it’s such a trendy choice for interior designers looking for patterns that are subtle yet still exciting and attractive.

Are you looking to create an atmosphere that is cozy and chic? Retro Cork is a great choice for offices and dining rooms, with its panelling effect simulating a wooden faux finish.

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Grasscloth that shines


Gold Mica R2201


In terms of shine and texture, it’s pretty hard to beat grasscloth wallpapers that use mica! If you’re not familiar with this material, mica is a mineral that comes in a variety of different colours. Its shine quality is similar to that of both glass and pearls depending on how the mineral is cut. Some shards may reflect light more strongly than others, while others give off a subtler shine.

Gold Mica features a dense packing of mica chips. Perfect for a powder room or hallway, this grasscloth wallpaper has a very tactile look that will make any guest say “wow!” Its colour is also versatile for different design themes. Pair it with aged wooden furniture to create a more rustic room design (like in the image above) or play up its shimmering effect to create an ethereal, elegant atmosphere.

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Grasscloth that is rustic


Elder Cork Metallic Bronze Wallpaper R2824


If you’re looking for something that has the shine of mica but a texture more like regular wallpaper, try metallic cork! What you end up with is a glamorous wallpaper that instantly transforms the space.

Elder Cork combines the two previous grasscloth wallpaper styles into one: the subtle texture of cork and the iconic lustre of mica wallpaper. The silver and bronze colours are stunning, and this wallpaper has a strong industrial aesthetic with its scratched and aged finish. This one would be a suitable choice for a bedroom or dining room if you’re aiming to create an edgy, funky room design.

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Grasscloth that is colourful


Paper Strokes Bright Green Grasscloth R2012


Brightly coloured wallpaper attracts attention and makes an immediate impact, while helps to create a more inviting atmosphere for your room. Colours like yellow, lime green, and orange are all present and accounted for in this vibrant grasscloth wallpaper.

With a soft paper texture, Paper Strokes is the grasscloth wallpaper to pick if energizing your living space is what you have in mind. The vivid colours of this pattern help open up the space, as can be seen in the image above. The vertical pattern will also make your ceilings appear higher, perfect for smaller spaces like a den or guest bedroom.

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Grasscloth that inspires creativity


Raw Ramie Green Grasscloth R2004, Arrowroot Off-white Grasscloth R1985 


Why settle on one pattern when you can choose two? A fun grasscloth wallpaper idea is to mix and match two different patterns or colours to create a bold, contrasting visual element for the room design. Because this uses multiple grasscloth patterns, this design idea is best used on larger walls and spaces, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. Also, keep in mind that you don’t want to overdo it by choosing too many patterns or colours to hang on your walls.

Since grasscloth wallpaper has a random (sometimes referred to as “free”) pattern match, you don’t have to worry about the edges matching up. Instead of hanging the wallpapers vertically (as shown in the image above), you can also hang it horizontally as well!

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