Fashion Forward Floral Wallpaper for a Romantic Ambiance

Floral prints and wallpapers have been around for a long time and do not go out of style, returning season to season with new characteristics and designs. They are seen all over in fashion through jewelry, clothing, or bags and throughout interior design with textiles, wallcoverings, and tableware. Floral patterns are so versatile with traditional patterns, geometric styles, and lace patterns that are elegant and glamorous. The options are endless, which is what makes floral prints such a timeless staple in your interiors.






For a traditional look, this Asian inspired bird pattern is the perfect option that has simpler details than the traditional patterns to give it a vibe that is still traditional but not dated looking. It has a vintage feel in bold colours that will help add vibrancy to your interiors.




Byzantium Ripple Geometric Floral Wallpaper R2227


For a very contemporary interpretation on floral wallpapers, refined geometric patterns are great mixing modern geometries with abstracted floral references. The large scale repetitive forms are graphic and bold bringing a playful nature into your interiors and are a very on trend way to add floral hints into your design. Geometric prints have been a big design trend adding intriguing depth with simplified forms, great for creating that stand-out feature wall.


Floral Medallion Denim Floral Living Room Wallpaper R1903


These patterns are very energetic and can be great when played up with other bold complementary colours within the scheme, or for a more muted look, they can be paired with complementary tones.




Passion Red Striped Floral Wallpaper R1764


Stripes are also a fashion forward style for your walls that creates a real sense of glamour when re-imagined as a floral pattern. Mixing these two classic styles together creates a look that is really cutting edge and contemporary. The traditional rose form is elegant while the stripes add a casual sensibility with its paired down aesthetic characteristic of modern design.




Sage Gold Striped Floral Wallpaper R1926


Taking the striped floral pattern up a step are striped patterns with glass beads and metallic sheen. These wallpapers create a real sense of luxury and grandeur and add great light reflecting qualities. They are a good choice for a dining room that needs a bit of texture and sophistication.




Pink Floral Lace Wallpaper R2049


Lace wallpaper patterns have a vintage feel and are very romantic, classic, and elegant. The all over tight knit pattern keeps the lace from overwhelming the space that has a light airy feel. With modern touches such as enhanced colours and metallic backdrops the lace patterning does not look dated or out of style and has a contemporary vintage feel.




White Bloom Floral Wall Mural M8955


Wall murals are the latest trend in design and bring a whole new outlook to floral wallpaper patterns. Larger than life floral patterns can captivate you and take over an entire wall which brings in lots of depth and dimension for a shocking surprise. They can take over your space and transform your entire perception of space.


Ochre Floweret Floral Wall Mural M8838


Wall murals also offer contemporary styles disguised with traditional patterning. The look of faux tiles and digital printing are both new concepts in wallpaper while the traditional Spanish floral pattern brings a sense of history and tradition to your interiors. Floral wallpapers offer such a wide and diverse range of patterns that take on essentially any form or style for a touch that will always be on trend.


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