Design an Airy Nature Infused Office with Wallpaper

Nature can have inspiring and motivating qualities that can help keep you feeling refreshed and active. Even if you are not privileged with a window or views of nature in your home office, with the help of wallpaper in a variety of natural textures and imagery you can get a look to evoke and mimic nature's enlivening qualities.

Brushed Wood Blue-Grey Faux Finish Wallpaper R1881


Brushed wood is our most popular product and is a great faux finish pattern with the look and feel of natural wood painted in blue. It will bring your office that natural wooded look mixed with a vivid splash of colour for a refreshing aesthetic.



Rush Grass Green Grasscloth Home Office Wallpaper R2003


Grasscloth wallcoverings offer a truly natural look with the use of natural woven grasses to form the entire wallcovering. This natural look is truly unique varying slightly from roll to roll in colour and woven texture. It is simplistic and classic offering a refined modern or contemporary look in your office that will act as a great backdrop for other feature elements.


Grey Rock Home Office Wallpaper R2321


Grey Rock brings a more abstracted and unique take on nature in your home office. The rough rugged texture of rock and subtle metallic tones bring a strong sense of depth and an organic quality. It will certainly be a surprising element in your home office for a stand out feature.


Russet Tree Bark Home Office Wallpaper R2350

Green Moss Home Office Wallpaper R2353


Tree bark and grass inspired wallcoverings add an abstracted and close up view of nature with a forested feel. The realistic textures will really make you feel as if you are immersed into nature and will have a calming effect in your home office.


Leaf Veins Office Wall Mural M8959


Another way to infuse nature into your home office is with digital wall murals that offer highly realistic digital prints of natural details and forms. Leaf veins wall mural brings the feeling of an autumn day to your wall and create depth through the blowing leaves. Stump Rings gives you a close up view into nature depicting the rings of an old tree. Wall murals are great for a feature wall with their bold themes and imagery that will certainly stand out.


Stump Rings Office Wall Mural M8918


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