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Outstanding Contemporary Grasscloth Wallcoverings to Transform Your Home

Posted on August 15 2017

Outstanding Contemporary Grasscloth Wallcoverings to Transform Your Home

Create a contemporary grasscloth look with these renewed colours and textures for an exceptionally fresh look!


Sisal Bronze Grasscloth R2019

1. This grasscloth wallpaper offers you an incredible depth of colour and is the perfect touch of elegance with its fine weave and luminescent shine.


Sisal Tiffany Blue Grasscloth R2006


2. For a bright exciting vibe, this shade of jade green is perfect for a casual playful aesthetic. It is the perfect non-traditional grasscloth for a space that needs a unique touch of colour and subtle texture.


Raw Ramie Green Grasscloth R2004

3. For a beach ambiance with soft calming colours, this light blue grasscloth wallcovering is the perfect inspiration. Its smooth flowing texture will create an ideal peaceful movement to bring an aura of tranquility.


Boodle Blue Grasscloth R1992


4. This grasscloth will create an earthy vibe with its more natural texture. For a relaxed and calm vibe, this colour story is the perfect contemporary choice.


Sisal Tangelo Grasscloth R1975


5. This grasscloth wallpaper is great for brightening up and adding a lively aesthetic to any space. It can be the ideal warm backdrop for a dining room or it can act as a feature for creating an engaging entryway.


Paper Strokes Bright Green Grasscloth R2012


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