4 Reasons Why Designers are Loving Wallpaper for Making Your Home the Most Fashionable on the Block


Wallpaper is back in fashion with designers using it to transform and dramatize interiors with a unique infusion of shine, texture, pattern, and colour. With new updated styles today’s contemporary designer wallpaper options will put your home right on trend with the latest revolutions in interior design.




Wallpaper, unlike paint, combines a wide range of design elements in order to easily inject personality and fascination into any space providing a broad sensory experience. Wallpaper allows you to play with colour, texture, sheen, light, movement, faux materials, and replications of architectural details. Metallic wallpapers allow light to bounce around making them a great choice for enhancing the quality of light in a small space.


Contemporary Metallic And Grey Wheeled Wallpaper R3965

Wallpaper is also great for creating a sense of movement and illusion. All over patterns keep your eyes moving across the space while striped patterns allow you to create illusions of length or height depending on the direction of your stripe. Textured designer wallpapers are great for creating additional depth on your walls and can be achieved with various wallpapers such as faux wood and stone patterns.




Tan Vintage Wood R2592


Unlike paint, wallpaper has the ability to cover over cracked or damaged walls. Textured wallpapers work particularly well in these situations as any imperfections on the wall are hidden beneath the textured paper.

New technologies in production and application have also made wallpaper exceptionally easy to apply and eventually remove without ruining the walls. Paste the wall technology makes removing wallpaper as simple as peeling up the wallpaper from the corner of the wall. Installation is also as simple as pasting the wall and applying the wallpaper dry, directly from the roll.




Royal Blue Honorary Stripe R3025

Wallpaper is also a durable option with most wallpaper available at Walls Republic being washable and scrub-able with soap or water in the event of a stain. They can be used in higher traffic areas of the home such as hallways and foyers to liven up the space and add a stimulating dramatic element. Not only is wallpaper durable, but most of the products available to buy online at Walls Republic will contribute to LEED certification.




Grey Blossoming Almond Trees R5000


Wallpaper is a versatile product that is not only limited to your walls. There are many unique applications for wallpaper such as the ceiling, which can help create a cozier and intimate space by creating the illusion of a lower ceiling. It can also create an instant dramatic factor and visual interest in an unexpected place.

If you are left with extra wallpaper, you can use it to paper the back of bookshelves, furniture, chairs, kitchen cupboards with glass doors, or behind a glass splash back to create a small feature and liven up a neutral space. Accent walls in wallpaper also help define a greater wow factor over paint as it has more visual and tactile appeal.


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