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Scratched Stone Tile Wallpaper Grey and White R4763



Price Per Double Roll (L:33' x W:21")

Scratched Stone Tile Wallpaper
With an incredibly realistic finish, this wallpaper emulates a stone wall. Featuring weathered ÌÎÌã?ÌüÌÎ?̴ÌÛÌÎ?̴_ÌÎÌã?ÌüÌÎ?̴ÌÛÌÎ?̴_ÌÎÌã?ÌüÌÎ?̴ÌÛÌÎ?̴_scratchesÌÎÌã?ÌüÌÎ?̴ÌÛÌÎ?̴_ÌÎÌã?ÌüÌÎ?̴ÌÛÌÎ?̴_ÌÎÌã?ÌüÌÎ?̴ÌÛÌÎ?̴_ and cracks, this contemporary faux finish wallpaper presents a weathered, aged appeal. Perfect for any room, the versatility of this design adds a natural element to the space.


  • L: 975.3cm x W: 52.8cm
Design Match:
  • Half Drop

  • 53cm
  • Washable
  • Wet Removable
  • Lightfast
  • Acrylic Coated